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I’ve always believed the learning process to be continuous and as a result I’ve achieved a multi-skilled, flexible nature which places me on an upward keel of versatility. Having been called upon to solve varying scales of problems, from Executive dilemmas to system breakdowns, I would definitely classify myself as a quick learner and adjuster to changes in environment. A good foundation has given me the opportunities to build myself up the ladder with seven years experience the financial arena in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. Which lead to me launching a career in human capital development on my return to South Africa. I have done extensive work for many of the African countries and in so doing have learnt to handle a number of cultures.

High levels of standards and ethics are two strong pillars in my life to which I apply in everything I do.  I enjoy a challenge and pride myself on objectivity and open mindedness to solutions to problems.

I am passionate about people and strongly believe that people are the backbone to making an organisation successful.

Due to my background and my grounding, I have been involved in the group called BIG and am a BIG in BBBSSA, which is a group that mentors the youth of SA. I am also involved in writing articles for a number of different magazines about the business environment and issues within the industry. I believe that to ignite the power of the entrepreneurial spirit within individuals is what will take an organisation to levels not realized previously